[MODIFIED] Netatmo Weather Station

Hi What did you do to fix the problem, which i am having too

This integration is made for the classic app

@cscheiene I just ordered the wind and rain sensors, how do I integrate them into this app and DTH? I already installed the wind and rain sensors into the IDE via DTH. Thanks.

Aften you have the modules installed and working, go to the Smartthings app (classic) > Automations > SmartApps. Go to the Netatmo Connect app and you should be able to select and install your new modules.

That is what I thought, but didn’t want to screw up what I have working. Thanks.

Thanks for the DH. Do you consider updating the DH to the new app?

EDIT: No sooner than I posted this, I went into the Netatmo Connect smart app again, and went down into units and deselected/selected the wind speed units (mph) saved it, and it’s in my devices now. Probably a good note to add somewhere in the instructions for adding modules… unless I missed it being there :smiley:

So I’ve got an odd issue. I set up the base station and oudoor temp sensor as that’s the first part I bought. Set up the app, but I did ad the device types for the other modules. I’ve since added the rain sensor, and that’s working as expected. I just added the wind module. I had no trouble going into the Netatmo smart app and adding the wind module. There’s sensor data in the live logging… but I have no Netatmo Wind device in the app or IDE… any idea why? Proof of IDE Logging:

[6b3383ec-5c56-40af-ac19-088811f09d7a](https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/logs#6b3383ec-5c56-40af-ac19-088811f09d7a) 5:31:55 PM: debug Updating NAModule2 [GustAngle:302, GustStrength:4, WindAngle:198, WindStrength:1, date_max_wind_str:1550098053, max_wind_angle:210, max_wind_str:15, time_utc:1550100469]

I was having a similar issue, where my logging showed that I had sensor data but there were no devices in the device list.

For me, this was with the Health Coach installation. To fix it, I renamed “module_name” in the code with “station_name” - it seems that is what my API reported back as the name field.

Once I did that, I correctly found my device in the device list.

I did install all how was written in head post of this tread and when I starting app showing logon screen of net atmo, putting credentials and then after authorization passed I then choosing option in 3 party app to allow accessing my station and I am choosing Yes and getting this error message:

“An unexpected error occurred” :confused:

Please ignore it. I enabled app on netatmo web and all works fine. :smiley:


I have problems getting the base station to show up in ST but the outdoor module is showing up and working. I have added the device handlers for both the device handler for the base station and the outdoor module. Any ideas?

Maybe I am blind or stupid or both :smiley: I did not find a way how to automate anything trough old ST app neither new one. What I am missing ?

Also what I find disappointing, only what I find is in new ST app automation and can set if this but temperature is only allowed in integer numbers, if you put decimal app cannot accept it. :confused: All of this I did because I want more preciously control heating using NetAtmo temperature sensor…

In old ST app I have no clue how use NetAtmo temp sensor as condition of any action.

Is there way to have CO2 device handler so then could be easily make automation for high level of CO2 and for example Alexa saying “CO2 level is to high.”

I try with SmartRules and apparently SmartRules see CO2 sensor. But does not work accurate from some reason. So heaving ST thing as a CO2 sensor device will be 100 % accurate then ?

In classic ST aplication there is no way to make Routine because there is no option for measured something.

In new ST app there is under INDOOR module temperature and relative humidity, unfortunately there is no CO2 level or others like dB level etc.

Ive noticed a bug that if you have an additional module, but it is dead (battery needs replaced), you cant check it in the SmartApp to add it. The STIDE Log shows:
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘Temperature’ on null object @line 581 (doCall)

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Yes, it also crashes if an existing module loses battery so doesn’t update for a while…with the same error message. This can stop Smartthings from receiving updates from the working modules.

I noticed a change in the code. What does this change fix. I updated and then realized that I couldn’t see the differences afterwards.

Edit: Found it on GitHub. “error handling for offline modules”

Yes, this will hopefully keep the smartapp running if a module goes offline. I also think I need to add some error handling if a module is just missing one parameter. I see that things like temperature trend and pressure trend is sometimes missing from the api data, this is created by the Netatmo cloud and not the module itself.

@gcaley @djtucker let me know if the smartapp still works if a module goes offline.

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