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[MODIFIED] Netatmo Weather Station


(Jon) #391

Hi What did you do to fix the problem, which i am having too


This integration is made for the classic app

(Joel W) #393

@cscheiene I just ordered the wind and rain sensors, how do I integrate them into this app and DTH? I already installed the wind and rain sensors into the IDE via DTH. Thanks.


Aften you have the modules installed and working, go to the Smartthings app (classic) > Automations > SmartApps. Go to the Netatmo Connect app and you should be able to select and install your new modules.

(Joel W) #395

That is what I thought, but didn’t want to screw up what I have working. Thanks.

(Mering) #396

Thanks for the DH. Do you consider updating the DH to the new app?

(Colin) #397

EDIT: No sooner than I posted this, I went into the Netatmo Connect smart app again, and went down into units and deselected/selected the wind speed units (mph) saved it, and it’s in my devices now. Probably a good note to add somewhere in the instructions for adding modules… unless I missed it being there :smiley:

So I’ve got an odd issue. I set up the base station and oudoor temp sensor as that’s the first part I bought. Set up the app, but I did ad the device types for the other modules. I’ve since added the rain sensor, and that’s working as expected. I just added the wind module. I had no trouble going into the Netatmo smart app and adding the wind module. There’s sensor data in the live logging… but I have no Netatmo Wind device in the app or IDE… any idea why? Proof of IDE Logging:

[6b3383ec-5c56-40af-ac19-088811f09d7a]( 5:31:55 PM: debug Updating NAModule2 [GustAngle:302, GustStrength:4, WindAngle:198, WindStrength:1, date_max_wind_str:1550098053, max_wind_angle:210, max_wind_str:15, time_utc:1550100469]