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[MODIFIED] Netatmo Weather Station


(Pedro Lemos) #370


Just had to reinstall the smartapp and I’ve q very strange error:
If I try to add more than one device for example main station and outdoor module it gives a error. If it’s just one works as intended.

Also have you tried this with the health Monitor?
It seems only works for the Weather station…

I believe the API is similar?


Yes there is an app and devicehandler for that

(Pedro Lemos) #372

Thanks a million

(Pedro Lemos) #373

P.s i seem unable to sync with your github. It shows empty now :confused:

(Shane Schwarzman) #374

Do these integrations still work?

(Shane Schwarzman) #375

I’ve got the DTH and App installed just fine, but it wont find any of my Healthy Home Coaches

(Pardal) #376

Continuing the discussion from [MODIFIED] Netatmo Weather Station:
Hey, i think i´ve did just fine all the procedures, but in the ST classic app i cannot choose the devise, theres nothing there.
I have the main netatmo weather station working perfectly btw, but i steel have the outdoor module in the box.

Any ideas?


(Pardal) #377

04:47:07: debug getChildDevices(false), children=0

9efa2737-a862-4c17-9dd6-a146e69c8e4b 04:47:07: debug deviceState=[:]

9efa2737-a862-4c17-9dd6-a146e69c8e4b 04:47:07: debug response = [devices:, user:[administrative:[feel_like_algo:0, lang:en-US, pressureunit:0, reg_locale:en-PT, unit:0, windunit:0],]]

9efa2737-a862-4c17-9dd6-a146e69c8e4b 04:47:06: debug API Get: [uri:, path:/api/gethomecoachsdata, query:[get_favorites:true, access_token:5bf5ca348c04c40a008dc53b|303593996964c10552ce59e4db51rb5f]]


Make sure you have given all your modules a name in the Netatmo android/iphone app. Are you trying to connect a weather station or a health coach station?

(Pardal) #379

Hey! Yes i named the station and i just renamed, but nothing.
Mine its the weather station.
I have 2 modules but only the main is installed.


From the logs it looks like you are using the homecoach app. Make sure you have installed the version to the weather station in the first post

(Pardal) #381

I´ve installed:
DH: cscheiene : Netatmo Health Coach

SmartAPP: cscheiene : Netatmo - Health Coach (Connect)

(Pardal) #382

Just cheked that ive installed the wrong modules. I now see the module and saved and everything is perfect! Thanks!!!


Glad you got it working :+1:


Are you using these settings?

Owner: cscheiene
Name: SmartThings-cscheiene
Branch: master


Should the current temperature be displayed in the devices page in the new smartthings application. Legacy app works fine. The temperature , battery and humidity are displayed when you click on each netatmo module.

The Xiaomi temperature sensor does display the current temperature.

(Donny Jekels) #387

The new smartthings app does not have a MarketPlace link anywhere.


You have to use the classic app


I don’t know how the new app works yet

(Jon) #390

Just followed the instruction for outdoor module. Tile appears on my phone app but the temperature field is not populated!!! Any suggestions as to where i might have gone wrong. Using the newest app and not Classic