[MODIFIED] Netatmo Weather Station


(Pedro Lemos) #350

Not a coder. Otherwise i would give it a try by adding the attributes explained in the thread i just link, as a lot of people were able to make it work up to a degree.


Updated the outdoor and additional module now. Give it a try.

(Pedro Lemos) #352

Is there any difference between the handlers?!

Because the outdoor module i can confirm as working.

The Indoor module does not


I have not uploaded any changes to the base station yet

(Pedro Lemos) #354

Ahhh ok.
Makes sense.
Well seems we are on the right track than :slight_smile:


By the way, it looks a little different on my app. Can you change the devicehandler to any other random and change it back again. Just to force it to take all the changes

(Pedro Lemos) #356

Not sure what you mean by changing the device handler.

What i did
Went to netatmo and renamed the devices (not needed but wanted to be sure that info was being updated)
I removed the devices from smarthings
Went to ide removed the device handlers.
Added the devices handler again
Run the smartapps again.

Still have the same screen,ā€¦

Im on android by the way

(Pedro Lemos) #357

How is your screen by the way?


In the IDE. Go to my devices, find and click on the device, click edit and select a new device type, click save, go back and change it to the correct again


(Pedro Lemos) #360

Interestingā€¦ no change in mineā€¦
Andoid or ios?!looks ios

(Pedro Lemos) #361

Funny enough the Xiaomi temp sensor looks like thisā€¦


IOS, my xiaomi aqara temp sensors does not work at all in the new app.

As I said, I have very little experience with the new app. Most of my things in the new app does not work at all

(Pedro Lemos) #363

I have the previous versions of the Xiaomi sensors with a4xxx device handlers and not the ones compatible with aqara.

But are you looking into this or should i loose hope?!


I will try to do some more testing when I have some time

(Phil Moore) #365

This worked great. thank you very much