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[MODIFIED] Netatmo Weather Station


(Pedro Lemos) #350

Not a coder. Otherwise i would give it a try by adding the attributes explained in the thread i just link, as a lot of people were able to make it work up to a degree.


Updated the outdoor and additional module now. Give it a try.

(Pedro Lemos) #352

Is there any difference between the handlers?!

Because the outdoor module i can confirm as working.

The Indoor module does not


I have not uploaded any changes to the base station yet

(Pedro Lemos) #354

Ahhh ok.
Makes sense.
Well seems we are on the right track than :slight_smile:


By the way, it looks a little different on my app. Can you change the devicehandler to any other random and change it back again. Just to force it to take all the changes

(Pedro Lemos) #356

Not sure what you mean by changing the device handler.

What i did
Went to netatmo and renamed the devices (not needed but wanted to be sure that info was being updated)
I removed the devices from smarthings
Went to ide removed the device handlers.
Added the devices handler again
Run the smartapps again.

Still have the same screen,…

Im on android by the way

(Pedro Lemos) #357

How is your screen by the way?


In the IDE. Go to my devices, find and click on the device, click edit and select a new device type, click save, go back and change it to the correct again


(Pedro Lemos) #360

Interesting… no change in mine…
Andoid or ios?!looks ios

(Pedro Lemos) #361

Funny enough the Xiaomi temp sensor looks like this…


IOS, my xiaomi aqara temp sensors does not work at all in the new app.

As I said, I have very little experience with the new app. Most of my things in the new app does not work at all

(Pedro Lemos) #363

I have the previous versions of the Xiaomi sensors with a4xxx device handlers and not the ones compatible with aqara.

But are you looking into this or should i loose hope?!


I will try to do some more testing when I have some time

(Phil Moore) #365

This worked great. thank you very much


hi there,
Im something of a noob here with smartthings

I followed the instructions and now have inside and outside sensors added. However, how can I make a rule to use the sound sensor ? I set the value for when sound will be marked as detected on 50 but where does this sensor show up ? I saw earlier a comment about a ‚Äėcustom rule‚Äô but where can I do that in the smart things (classic) app on IOS ? I can create a routine and under ‚Äėautomatically perform when‚Äô there is ‚Äėthings quieten down‚Äô but it says ‚Äúthere are no devices with this capability‚ÄĚ ?

any ideas ?

thanks !


You can use Smart Home Monitor in the Smartthings Classic app


strange - I dont have ‚ÄúSmart Home Monitor‚ÄĚ in my Classic App ! Do I need to have one or more samsung sensors installed for it to show up because I dont have any currently - only 3rd party smart devices ?


You should be able to find it on the Dashboard page.