Modified Light Follows Me App

Hi Folks

I finished a modification to the Light Follows Me that does the following two things:

  1. added the ability to ignore motion based on sunset and sunrise status
  2. added the ability to ignore motion when any specified lights are also on

The second feature is really handy because I have several lights near each other and when I turn one on manually I don’t want motion to activate the others. But when the manual one is off I do want the motion to activate the specified lights. This can also be used to remotely disable motion enabled lights by tying it to a light switch that is in a remote / harmless location such as a closet or basement. You could even put a smart switch somewhere and leave the bulb out and use that as a disable switch. I also used this opportunity to experiment with making my own App icons and storing them on the web on my own server. It works amazingly well and was drop-dead easy to do using Photoshop. Code is on GitHub here:.


Cool dude!!!

Love when I see new people sharing stuff!