Modes - Switching from app

Hi there,

I am a smartthings newbie. I have been trying to figure out “modes”, but I’m very confused. There are 3 preset modes. How can I switch from one more from another on my app? I read an old FAQs on this community, but the instruction doesn’t apply to my version of app anymore. Please advise.

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Changing Mode as a “function by itself” in the SmartThings App is not longer available (but we do have a Mode Tile in ActionTiles btw).

Easiest way that I am aware of to change Mode from the SmartThings App is to create / use Routines:

  • One of the functions available when defining a Routine is “Change the mode to: …”.

Here an example.
Go to the automations tab.
Then routines.
Click on settings button for Goodbye! Top right in the tile.
You will now see a change mode and additional settings below it. Click on automatically perform when.

You will now see various options that you can use to perform the ‘Goodbye’.
You can also just click on the tile to perform the action.
Also you can set things up using webCoRE to perform mode changes.
Have a play.