Modes/Routines should be Mode/Environment/Event

It seem like Modes/Routines is a bad model for home automation. Seems like Mode, Armed away, armed stay, and disarmed, with environment variables like light/dark/hot/cold/sunny/raining, along with events like come home, leave home, go to sleep, watching tv, having a party, etc. Would be a much better/easier way to develop a home automation system. It is so hard to do things that should be so simple at the moment, in so many ways. I wanted to have my bathrooms fans come on any time the light was cut on, and go off when the light are switched off unless the humidity rises while they are on, if so, stay on until the humidity drops to the original level or XX minutes passes. Something that should be super easy to program, but is daunting at the moment. I have heaters in all my bathrooms, and motion/temp monitors in all, I’d love to easily hook them into my heating system, where if it’s cold there and there is motion they auto kick in, seems impossible without programming at the moment, shouldn’t require that. And the worst thing is you shouldn’t automatically disarm/unlock alarm/doors just because the sun came up, that should involve turning on/off lights, not opening your doors/adjusting temp/etc.

Some of the rules engines that have been written should be able to do what you’re looking for…I agree, one would hope this sort of thing would be in dwelling to ST, but the apps work wonders!

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You may want to try rule machine or stringify for your bathroom automation.

As far as modes go you are not limited to just home and away, you can create modes for whatever you want. I.e. Disabled, vacation, night, day-home, day-away.

These are for smart home monitor to help it decide when to notify you when things change.

I know, it the entire system just seems to have been developed by morons, sorry but todays programmers are pathetic.

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That’s a bit harsh, I’d say. Check out Rule Machine if you want the type of structure you are describing.