Modes Changes in Routines are not Working!


I’ve got a ‘Welcome Home’ routine that is supposed to activate when EITHER my wife or I come home. It works great when both of us are not there and one of us comes home. It does NOT work, however, if one of us is already home and the other one then comes back.

I’ve checked my settings and it is set to go off regardless of ‘mode’. Any ideas?

Your best bet is to try and watch the event logs at when you know the routines are going to fire. See if you notice any errors.
Keep reporting it to SmartThings support and cross your fingers that someday they will find this mythical bug that is crippling this system :wink:

Thanks! I ended up making separate routines for my wife and me. It worked the one time i came home yesterday.

That’s how I have mine setup, but it doesn’t always work. Unfortunately there is no sure fire work around fix yet. We just have to deal with it till smartthings tracks down the underlying issue and fixes it

My house actually shows the away mode today it’s been forever since I have seen it change :smile:

Did the routine causing the problem include a mode change? If so, it might be a different issue altogether:

Well i’m not sure if the issue has been actually fixed or if it’s a coincidence. Every single routine that was supposed to change modes worked as expected both yesterday and today. Either way thanks ST

Not me, my wifes phone presence still shows PRESENT when away. This is both with smartthings presence and with life360 though the life 360 app shows her not at home

This happens to my wife occasionally because she never opens the app and for some reason even though background activity is allowed for the app it will just stop sending presence data. Plus she also forgets to leave her wifi on which really skews the geofencing.

Ran into the same problem with my wife’s phone. ST shows her present but the life 360 shows her correct location. Ifn your theory, if she didn’t open the app, the life 360 would show her incorrect presence too. Doesn’t it?

Yep that’s exactly what happens. In fact it happened again today and it triggered a still home because it showed Present. I realize this is a Life360 backgrounding issue. So I’m trying to remind her to open the Life360 app once a week.

You mean, ST Life 360 app? Because the ST is at fault here, not life 360. There is another thread that touched on this, and those folks are saying that they solved the problem by opening ST 360 app and clicking next, next, done.

Nope as soon as I opened the Life360 app not ST’s the presence status updated in less than 1 second so it was L360’s issue

Anyone still seeing issues with the Mobile App not showing the actual current mode correctly?


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Yes… On iOS. Mr Good Morning always triggers but shows “Night” instead of “Home” unless I force kill and reopen the app. This ticket is open forever with response from support being “Yes. We are hearing more cases…”. Well, where’s the fix then? :frowning:

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Are you also noticing blank icons for SmartThings created apps? They appear for third party apps and all appear on android client

yes! And once again I have ticket open… Again reply from support was they are aware of it. Where’s the fix?

For the record, i don’t have any issues, yet. Modes switch just fine over here. :slight_smile:

The mode actually runs. Its only that it does not refresh immediately in the app.