Mode switching on and off on its own, lights coming on when running a routine

So I started to get all sorts of messages about activity in laundry room, just before garage.

I have a rule to check if the mode is night, and if so, to turn the room light on before going into garage. The reason is, because this means the system is still secured, and we’ll get a false intrusion report.

Today, the system randomly set the home mode to night, triggering this activity. But that’s not the oddest behavior.

In the last few days, when I manually run the routine to turn off the SHM alarm system (because it didn’t do so automatically), several lights come on. They’re not part of the routine. I haven’t a clue why this bizarre behavior is happening.

I could put this on the huge thread about the ongoing issues, but that thread is just plain too long now.

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“Just say no!” to SHM

All kidding aside…it’s evil! I think it’s cousin Smart Lights is too!

I didn’t have an answer so I banished them both. My reliability went up but YMMV

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I thinking I’m seeing some of this same weird stuff happening to myself. When I put the system in disabled mode 20 minutes later to goes back to home mode and I never touch the thing. And it’s NOT set to automatically so I don’t know why but it’s happening a lot .

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