Mode Questions

Been trying to research my questions for awhile and my brain hurts so I’m going to ask them.

For these questions lets say the mode is “Home” that the app is suppose to run in.

When the built in “set for specific modes” is used. Does it automatically unsubscribe() when the mode changes from “Home” to another mode? Or does it not matter if the runIn() time finishes? When the mode changes back to “Home” will the runIn()s trigger if the time finished when in another mode?

Is there any capabilities doc for mode? I need to make sure if the app had a switch on it turns off when the mode changes.

When the mode changes to “Home” from another mode does it run the apps def initialize()?

Is there a way to disable the built in “set for specific modes” so a mode can not be selected forcing the app to run in all mods?