Mode question

Stupid question time. Scenario. I set up another location, Work. I don’t have a hub at work but I was just playing with this. I set up a geofence for the area so I can ‘check in/out’ using mobile presence. What I was trying to accomplish is change my Home location mode to say Away@Work instead of AwayAway. when I get to my Work location.

Is this even possible or should I just forget it? :slight_smile:


I did something similar. I didn’t alter the Home location modes, but I changed the 2 modes for the Work location: Here and Not Here. You can change the name of your Modes by going to the “Menu” (Top left corner of app), then “Settings”. Select the “Home” location then scroll down to “Modes” (in iOS). Change the name of the inactive Modes first, because you can’t change the name of a Mode while it’s active. Hope this helps.