Mode Button

Hi Everyone

I’m new here and still figuring things out. I have my ST hub setup and can do all the basics I want to…and with the new iOS app, things look much easier to manage.

I still want to do my own custom smart app to manage my hot tub etc so I’m starting into that project.

I have a Aeon lab “panic button” joined to the hub, and I found the “mode button” app in the shared apps section of the IDE.

Everything looks like it is installing ok. I can see the button as an option as an input device, and it is registering press and hold. It all looks good–but nothing happens.

Any suggestions? am I making some rookie mistake?

If you run the app in the simulator, does it work there?

IF you have the Log displayed when you press the button, do you see the log entries happening?

How do you know it “registers” a push and hold?

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