Mode-Based Smart App Automations Stopped Working

So, I’ve had my Smartthings Smart Lighting App automations set and working for a few months now with no issues. However, tonight upon arriving home, none of my automations were triggering. Hubs were connected, devices were connected, and I could control the devices from the app (and see that the triggers were working) but the automations wouldn’t trigger. So, I did some testing

I remade the automations without the mode-based triggers present. Then, the automations would work again. So, I double checked that the modes were setting properly – and they were. So, I remade my modes AND remade the automations (with mode-based triggers); however, they still wouldn’t trigger.

So far, the only automations I can make trigger are automations without mode-based parameters.

Has anyone encountered something similar? I searched and found some old threads from 2017, but they didn’t list a resolution and I can’t seem to find anything recent. Any help would be appreciated.


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Did you ever find a solution to this? I’m having a similar issue with mode restricted automations, but my problem is reversed. I set up an automation to turn on my bedside lamp based on motion. Of course I don’t want the automation to run at night, so I added a mode=Home condition. The automation dosen’t honor the restriction however, and I have to manually turn the light off before bed to avoid it going off while sleeping.