Mode based Irregularities!

I have been seeing some mode based irregularities lately. We had a similar issue few weeks back which was identified and a fix was implemented. Seems like it is back.

@slagle @jody.albritton Are you guys aware of any known issues where a smart app does not recognize the mode correctly that causes misfires. The way to get around it is to change the mode to something else and then change back, to reset the app to work correctly.

The occurrence is not as frequent, but it is definitely not gone.

@ashutosh1982 Are you on Android? Just curious.

On iOS it always shows incorrect/stale mode when switching from Night to Home in the mornings unless the app is force closed and opened but at least doesn’t cause misfires. This issue has been there now for weeks (if not months). Has been reported several times but no fix.

No, I am on IOS. I have noticed that the the smart apps misfire - Specifically talking about the Smart Alarm.