Mobile Presence

I hooked up my stuff last night and I’m super excited - it’s awesome!

I setup mobile presence for my iPhone and then I went to setup mobile presence for my wife - but I’m stuck.  Can you only have one mobile presence associated with your account?  from the app on her phone when I go to settings, location, home and presence I see my name (Cory) listed from my iPhone, but there is no + sign and I see no way to add her iPhone.

How would I go about doing this?



From what I have heard from others, only one phone can be used for mobile presence at this time.

That’s right, you can only have one mobile presence device per user today.  We’re working on adding multi-user support that will allow you to add additional users to your account and enable multiple mobile presence devices.


I hope this is a priority. Not as useful if door only locks and unlocks when I come and go and not for my wife… Or kids… etc…