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I decided to start using the new Smart Things app exclusively, ditching the Classic app going forward. Moved over my simple automations from the Classic to the new one. Especially, now that we can Arm/Disarm SHM in the new app via an automation, I think I am all set. My custom device handlers and apps are all showing up fine in the new app (for now!). All the more complex automations are on webcore and they work fine too.

My one point of frustration so far is the mobile presence sensor. I use both life360 and mobile presence to determine reliably if someone is home. I had a new mobile presence sensor created automatically when I enabled the corresponding option in new app’s settings. BUT, the name of this sensor is not customizable?

I don’t like the default name of the new app’s mobile presence sensors. Its too long and clunky - a combination of the account name and the phone’s name. Using this name in webcore does not feel great. I went to the old developer IDE to change the label on this sensor and it promptly got set back to the default name in a few minutes! I changed the name in the Classic app too, got same results.

Is there no way to customize the name of the new mobile presence sensors?

As you have discovered, there is not. Nor is there an easy way to view to view a mobile presence device e.

have you tried using the built in webcore presence sensor, I used to use the ST and Life360 one combined as you do, until I found the webcore one, its so configurable that I now don’t need two, I just use the one.

I used the webCore presence sensor for a while. The one that needs the Android app to be installed to work. Very unreliable for me. Never updated on time and needed to be open in the background to work. Even with battery optimization turned off.

This life360 plus mobile presence works pretty well for us, I can say 99% reliability.

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Go into IDE and change the display name.

Does not work…I have done this multiple times and a couple minutes later it changes back to the default “Firstname Lastname’s PhoneName”

I’ve never had mine change after logging into IDE.
Change both the name and the label.
As of matter of fact, I just went in and deleted the names and readied them other day when playing with the new app.
This is the same thing as changing the name of anything else you add to your network.
It will work.

Are you actually logging into IDE to make the changes?

To make sure I just changed the Name and the Label of my phone in IDE (which is where I did the changes before). The Name has stuck but the Label is already back to the default. And neither updated in webCoRE or ActionTiles when I checked to make sure I did not need to make them available again.

Is this impacted by the DTH? I am using Mobile Presence.

The new mobile app is doing this. It’s also related to the your Samsung account name and your Full Name used in your account in the IDE. You can tweak those as well. There’s a discussion about that somewhere around here.

I’m using the new mobile app. It’s the only reason I had to go into IDE to change it. In classic, you can do it from within the app and it changes. The initial first and last name does equal with what the log in name is, but changing them in IDE has always stuck and has never changed. Not sure why it would change for anyone else. This is my iPhone that I’m using for mobile presence.

Do you have Classic still installed?

I do not. I just have the new app. Actually just went and looked in IDE. I updated the name 2 days ago. Hasn’t changed since then. I have have 2 different locations under my account and it hasn’t changed at either of the set ups.

By any chance are you using both apps? Do you have a presence sensor set up in Classic and maybe have the new app set up to use as presence too?

I don’t, not for a very long time. Perhaps something recently changed because my changes won’t stick. I’ll try again in case something changed.

You could try this. Make sure your presence sensor is not connect to any apps or automations. Turn off using your phone in the new app. Close the app( not sure this is even needed but what the heck). Go into IDE and see if your presence sensor from your phone still shows up. If it does, delete it. Go back in the new app and turn on using your phone for a presence sensor. Once it’s on, close the app and go back into IDE. Change the name to whatever you want on both lines. Hit save. Go back in the new app and create an automation that would use your phone. See if the name stuck.

Done that several times.

I just changed my phone’s name in my Android settings, and that part work as expected. I’ll change the first part of the name shortly to see if that holds, otherwise I know where to change things from the other discussion.

Ooooooh Android. Didn’t know that part or I missed it. Surprised it would matter much though. Hope you are able to figure it out.

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My both phones are Android too. Maybe it does matter.

Yeah, sometimes it’s a blessing, and other times not so much.

So the phone name change stuck just fine, including a couple reboots of the phone. Then I changed the device name in the IDE like I’ve done in the past, and it stuck too, until I restarted the phone, and then the long a$$ name came back. Figured that would happen.

I’ll mess with this tomorrow, but I believe all I need to do to is fiddle with my Samsung account name. It’s no big deal really, but long Greek names plus the phones name make for a very long device name, and I’d like something shorter … :wink:

Well this morning presented some interesting stuff in the IDE for one of the Android phones I’m testing.

First entry (going from the bottom to the top in the first image) was where ST picked up the change in the phone’s name, then it picked up the change from the Samsung Account when I changed the account name, and then the last entry we’re back to where we started with the name, except the phone’s name stuck. WTF is going on I have no idea. Funny thing is I changed the name of my daughter’s phone and it stuck, but it’s an iPhone…

First changed picked up the phone’s name change:

Next, Samsung Account name change was picked up:

And finally back again after an hour for no apparent reason even though the Samsung Account name did not change back:

Samsung Account name as it exists right now:
IDE name as it exists right now:

I give up. The new app and how things are done, or not done or just completely eliminated, just keeps surprising and frustrating me…

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