Mobile presence not working iOS 13.1

upgraded to iOS 13.1 yesterday and my mobile presence isn’t working anymore.

anyone else having this problem?

It is working for me

you didn’t mention if you are using the Classic app or the new v3 app

both! presence isn’t updating in either!

geofencing is no longer working for my Arlo app as well since updating to iOS 13.1

No issues here.

i’m on an iPhone 11 Pro Max using iOS 13.1, how about yourself?

iPhone X, iOS 13.1.

people are saying on Arlo forum that geofencing is broken for them as well. maybe it’s an iphone 11 problem.

Check settings > privacy > location services and make sure both SmartThings apps are set to Always

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True after updating to 13.1 folks need to re opt into location and Bluetooth.

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location is set to always. just stopped working right after upgrading to iOS 13.1

Beta tested iOS 13 all the way through 13.1 and never had any issues. Upgrade to the new 11 pro max and still no issues. I have found that anytime I do a IOS upgrade, once the install is done, I close out all of the apps on my phone, shut it down and then restart it. This little tip helped when iOS 12 messed up mobile presence.

looks like it has something to do with switching to a new iphone, it was using my old iphone for presence for some reason.

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