Mobile presence new June 2020

For the last perhaps ten days I have been unable to connect to my hubV2

There is a red banner with the following sentence at the top of my app

‘’ There was a problem refreshing your Smartthings mobile presences: you appear to be having issues with your network. Please check your network connection and try again.’’

The hub LED is solid green, internet connection is solid, all automations work on time correctly.

I have used my mobile for arming and disarming for many months, and it just used to work.

But I cannot arm the system.

There was an app update in late May 2020, is this the problem?

Anyone have a solution??


Which app and what is the version? Have you tried signing out of the app and signing back in?

What is yet The language on your mobile device set to… US English?

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I signed out and back in and my problem solved.


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