Mobile Presence made by Android Device - Occupancy

What is it?

I assume “Presence” is the device being within the GPS fence but I have no clue what “Occupancy” might be and I’ve found no information anywhere.

Does it change based on your being connected to your home wifi?

So you did go out and switched to a Galaxy lol Where do you see “occupancy”?

Haha nope. I think I saw it in the DTH when it was Upgraded or someone posted something about an Android app setting asking for their home WiFi. You can see occupancy as a state for the device in the ide.

The capability ‘Occupancy Sensor’ is used in the ‘Mobile Presence’ and ‘Mobile Presence Occupancy’ device handlers. It appears to have the ‘occupancy’ attribute with the ‘occupied’ and ‘unoccupied’ states. If only it were documented …

I am fairly certain occupancy is indeed tied to the wifi network. I specified a wifi network for “Home” under Places menu in the new app. I see logs that say present first, followed by occupied within a few mins. They correlate to me entering the GPS area for home and actually reaching home (connecting to wifi).


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