Mobile Presence made by Android Device - Occupancy

What is it?

I assume “Presence” is the device being within the GPS fence but I have no clue what “Occupancy” might be and I’ve found no information anywhere.

Does it change based on your being connected to your home wifi?

So you did go out and switched to a Galaxy lol Where do you see “occupancy”?

Haha nope. I think I saw it in the DTH when it was Upgraded or someone posted something about an Android app setting asking for their home WiFi. You can see occupancy as a state for the device in the ide.

The capability ‘Occupancy Sensor’ is used in the ‘Mobile Presence’ and ‘Mobile Presence Occupancy’ device handlers. It appears to have the ‘occupancy’ attribute with the ‘occupied’ and ‘unoccupied’ states. If only it were documented …

I am fairly certain occupancy is indeed tied to the wifi network. I specified a wifi network for “Home” under Places menu in the new app. I see logs that say present first, followed by occupied within a few mins. They correlate to me entering the GPS area for home and actually reaching home (connecting to wifi).


Anyone using this reliably to indicate you are in the Geofence and inside the home?

Hi, I come to this discussion precisely because I was trying to understand this too
I have problems with our 2 smartphones at home, sometimes it happens with my phone or with that of my wife that is still at home even if in reality we have gone out, or the opposite, that when I get home, ST do not visualize that I am got back. I noticed that when I have these problems, I check the IDE and the cell phone with problems is indicated with “occupied”
I disagree, it almost seems to indicate " occupied" when there are communication problems with that cell phone.
Right now, I’m away from home, my IDE indicates “not presence” and “unoccupied” and here everything is ok!
My wife just left the house and ST didn’t detect it for several minutes, I checked and IDE said “occupied” and “presence”. This data was wrong, after 20 minutes ST detected “not presence” status and occupancy changed to “unoccupied”. So I’m wondering, what is this occupancy? Moments of connection problems or what?

Mobile presence has supported the Occupancy Sensor capability for a long while now, but ST have never stated what it actually means and the community doesn’t seem to have figured it out. I have a suspicion it might be somehow affected by Wi-Fi connections but I’ve never been able to quite nail it down.

Something the device handlers did, and which the new integration seems to copy, is to always set presence to ‘present’ (aka ‘arrived’ in device history) before changing occupancy to ‘occupied’ (aka ‘inside’). So if you see ‘present’ a matter of milliseconds before ‘occupied’ the chances are the ‘present’ was faked, as it were. Similarly ‘not occupied’ (aka ‘away’ in the history) is always set before ‘not present’ (‘left’) so if it it appears milliseconds before it is again being faked.

I find that on arriving home I get ‘present’ set about a minute before ‘occupied’ so both are genuine detections. However on departing the ‘unoccupied’ happens immediately before ‘not present’, suggesting no occupancy change had really been detected. I don’t have any mobile presence issues.

I notice a lot of those with arrival problems seem to see ‘present’ happen just before ‘occupied’, suggesting presence was never really detected. For whatever reason they then get a genuine ‘not present’ (and so unoccupied’) very shortly after before a proper ‘present’ minutes later.

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Thank you. I’m not a very expert in ST sorry :pray: :sweat_smile:. Same time I have problem with my phone and same time whit my wife’s phone and I don’t understand why.
Same time, I arrive at home and I start the scene “came back at home”, and 5 second after, auto start the scene “out of home” because my phone is geolocated out of home. I don’t understand the solution of my problem.
Other problems, same time my wify Co outside, but the phone non understand and not start the scene out of home :sob:

The operations are weird in my case …
This screenshot highlights that my mobile is detected present but paired at 1:08 PM (I had noticed this problem from action tiles) I checked from the IDE before opening the ST app and this was the discovery:
unoccupied and present

This makes me think that indicating presence is when “occupied” is indicated and not when “present” is indicated. So much so that by checking the IDE you can see the “occupancy” and not “presence” history

after a while, and after opening ST I check the status changes of my mobile and notice that the status has changed to “Occupied” and it remains indicated “present” as before.

Right now everything is correct, before it was not. I arrived home at 12:40 PM so At 1:08 PM I should have displayed “at home” so I think I have some problems with the location of my phone, but this post was more to highlight than to me it seems that related automations the “at home” state are linked to the “occupancy and not” presence "state. What do you think?

Automations are definitely associated with presence and not occupancy. For example this morning I had a notification generated by an arrival automation at 10:33 which corresponds with presence changing to present. My occupancy didn’t change to occupied until 10:35. Also the ‘linked places’ work with child devices that don’t even have the Occupancy Sensor capability.

Your two screenshots suggest to me that the presence may have changed to present at 1:08 pm and then the occupancy changed to occupied two minutes later at 1:10 pm, just after the first screenshot was made. That would be perfectly normal had you not actually arrived at 12:40 pm.

As an aside, I see your device still identifies as ‘Mobile Presence made by Android Device’ and uses the ‘Mobile Presence’ DTH. Mine changed over to using a new integration (with the “placeholder” type shown in the IDE) months ago and I didn’t realise not all had.

I try to change it the DHT in placeholder and I’ll see if anything changes. Thank you

The name ‘Mobile Presence made by Android’, the label '<First name> <Last name>‘s <Phone name>’, the type ‘Mobile Presence’, and the existence of a Device Network Id are all self-consistent and still clearly working so are probably best not messed with.

That was what I had until an app update a few months ago (certainly as early as August, perhaps earlier than that). Then it was replaced by a new device that used a new style integration rather than a Groovy DTH. That has the name as '<First name> <Last name>‘s <Phone name>’, no Label, no Device Network Id, and just shows a ‘placeholder’ for the device type.

I had assumed it had changed for everyone, but with that update there were a few extra features that were only for Samsung phones, and I seem to remember that some users ended up with both old and new devices. So it was never clear.

Since Saturday, after having deleted my smartphone and added it from Smartthings, mine too is no longer managed by DH “Mobile presence” but by the simple “placeholder” without any additional references. Everything seems to work as before, apart from Action Tiles obviously that no longer recognizes my phone, but I solved it by inserting the indication with a virtual switch that turns on and off automatically when I go out or return home