Mobile Presence issues between new and classic apps

I’ve been exploring the new app recently to see whether I could move over to it. This is on iOS. I enabled the mobile presence in the new app, while still having the classic app enabled also. At first it was fine, but then the add devices screen in the classic app would keep finding the presence of the new app and adding it as a new device multiple times.

Also, the new app now keeps losing the state of the setting to enable location, and I keep reenabling it.

I’ve since deleted the presence device that had come from the classic app and disabled location services for it. I didn’t see any other related settings within the app. But I am still having issues.

Any ideas how I can fix this?

The only way to fix it unfortunately is to turn off location services for both apps, delete the mobile Presence devices, and then turn on location services only for one app.


Thanks! I’ve given that a try. It’s not really any trouble for me, because I’ve been using Life360 for presence, and all my routines in the classic app are based on that. So deleting the mobile presence sensors makes no mind at the moment.

Hmm, I thought it had worked, but location won’t stay enabled in the new app. I’ve even deleted and reinstalled the two apps.

I think it might get disabled after I leave the house. I don’t know if I’ve been checking often enough to be sure, though.

Anyone have any other ideas?

you may have to totally delete the classic app

You mean delete and not reinstall it?

yes. so only use the new app. that’s the only thing that seems to have fixed it for me.

Huh. Well, definitely not ready to do that yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t have everything set up to my liking in the new app yet. I’m not too fusses about the mobile presence yet, at least. I have been using Life360 instead. Which unfortunately doesn’t operate correctly in the new app yet.

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