Mobile Presence - How is it associated

I was wondering how does a mobile presence get associated to the hub. I ask because i frequently change phones and have a lot of smart apps that are associated with my phone. The only way i have figured out how to do this is to delete the device and add a new one from my new phone but that requires me to go in and remove the old device from all 18 smart apps i have which is a pain in my fucking ass… there must be a better way… right?

I’m no prude but that is obnoxious.

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Lmao!, pretty sure it’s via your account login.

Try Life360 app as your presence device. That way it is always associated with the app and no particular device. You will not have to change a bunch of smartapps every time you change phones either.

what is so LMAO about the question? are you sure it is with account log in? so what happens if i log in with my account on several different devices? then which one is it monitoring…

i was hoping to avoid using another app for this purpose. i rather understand how this works and have smartthings clearly document it. augh…

Was laughing at the first reply you got, not your question.
Try being logged into the app on one device at a time, not both.

Each phone is its own device. Logging into another phone won’t transfer your presence to that device. I believe you can also only have one mobile presence phone per device.