Mobile presence broken on Classic app (iOS 13 / iPhone 11)

Yes, same exact symptoms you are describing. Everything looks correct in-app. Did you find a way around this?

I’m seeing the same thing. We have an older iPhone 8 on iOS 12, and it is working fine, but the new one on iOS 13 is not. I have not tried this yet, but plan to update the iPhone 8 to iOS 13, and see if the problem occurs there - then at least we know if it is related to the phone or the OS.

Have you tried reinstalling the app and checking the location and bluetooth permissions on your phone? It’s working on a iPhone 6s, 8 and XS using iOS 13.1.1 here.

any chance you are using any type of free vpn app on the new iPhone? I do and last week the vpn app I use updated to a completely new version that now causes all sorts of issues. Not related to iOS 13 but due to the app is very, very buggy.

I’ve got the same issue with my iPhone 11 pro. I was able to partially get around the issue by installing the new SmartThings app and turning on location tracking. When I enabled that setting it automatically added my phone as a presence sensor that shows up in both apps. However…

Location tracking has been very flaky ever since. I have automation setup to trigger actions every time I leave or come back. I’ve noticed that these automation frequently will not run as they should. When I look in the classic app it will show my phone’s presence incorrectly even though the app has full location permissions.

I’m hoping that SmartThings will update the app for iOS 13, but it looks like they last updated 11 months ago so I’m not very optimistic about it.

Hi Daniel, good morning. I’m also facing the same issue with ST Classic app. Quick question: You have both apps logged with your samsung account correct? Any other issues with your automations due to have both apps being used?

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No other issues that I can detect. I’m just frustrated with getting signed out of the new app constantly and it causing issues with my automation. I’m actually looking into migrating to another solution currently so I can get my home automation out of the cloud.

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I have been having issues with the Smartthings V3/STSC app mobile presence for months. Apparently the app logs out of the Samsung account and mobile presence is not forwarded. Yesterday, some of my scenes stopped dimming to the specified levels and support suggested I delete and re-add them.

So frustrating to see this platform get more buggy and less stable. It may be time to find a platform that actually works as specified.

I’ve got the same problem with the Classic App. Neither my iPhone X, nor my wife’s iPhone 8 are being location tracked.
Phone settings are correct regarding location, app refresh, cellular date, etc. Phones are both on V13.1.2

I installed the new ST app and that seems to work fine on my phone for use a presence sensor. My wife’s phone (also iOS13 / iPhone 11) looks like the status is not working on the new app.

Very frustrating for something that is a fundamental building block of home automation. The promise of SmartThings was always “we’ll provide the back end and framework, and give you the flexibility to build on top of that.” Still waiting on that to be fulfilled.

Mike, I too downloaded the new app, but my phones still do not work. I found that in the iOS permissions, I am unable to change the “Location” to “Always”. No matter what, it reverts to “Ask”.

UPDATE: I now have location set to Always, yet neither phone is recognized as being present. Grrrr…
Neither the old or new app recognizes the phones as being present.

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@Zoey, what did you do to set ST Classic App presence permission to remain in “Always”? I’ve noticed it keeps on “Ask” since I started beta testing iOS 13 (around June).



Just found a way to set it to “always” again. Not sure if was the same method you used. I’m not sure if it will work either as I’m far from home now.

Here are the steps I used to set it back to “Always” and it didn’t revert back.

  • Open ST Classic App
  • Click on More (lower right)
  • Click on the settings gear
  • Click on the map
  • iOS will ask for location permission
  • Click on settings and iOS will take you to the location permission settings for ST Classic App
  • Change it or set it to “Always”
  • Click the arrow to get back to ST Classic App settings
  • You will notice the setting is on “Always”, different behavior I was getting before. The location setting was reverting back to “Ask”.

The iPhone that ST is not currently recognizing is set to “Always”. ST believes that the phone is 15mi from its actual location.

If you use the classic app and the new app is installed it seems to reset the permissions for location to off on the new app with the iphone. Very frustrating, will look more into this and see if I can make something out of it. Very important to have the presence sensor working with a smartphone. Pity samsung doesn’t come in on this and try to help .

Deleted the new app off the iPhone and added the iphone to classic app. Things have got better but not still consistent enough. Android ( note 8) also seem to have taken a turn for the worst this last week. Who knows . Was working perfectly for a good 6 months before this.

On my wife’s iphone 11, went to settings> privacy> location - set “smartthings” = always. The setting is staying after reboot (persistent). The presence immediately showed without doing the usual logout etc. I will update here how reliable this is over the next few days.

Note: “classis” ST

I did the same thing with my wife’s phone, but ST still thinks she’s always at home. Despite trying Marcelof’s suggestions, I still have the same issue with both of our phones (Mine is the iPhone X).

The Classic app, for whatever reason, believes that I have 3 cell phones, all listed under my name. ST thinks that 2 of the phones are present, and one is away.

I’ve deleted all of them from the Classic app, and then tried re-adding my phone. The Classic app will then list one single phone, but the new ST app doesn’t. So, I add my phone to the new app, and then the Classic app decides to add two more copies of my phone to the list (for a total of 3).

I have “Use phone location” toggled ON in the new app, but my phone does not show up in the Devices list. My wife’s phone is listed, but just shows a cloud with a line through it. Her phone is toggled for “Use phone location”.

Sorry to hear that. Perhaps only use classic. Also sounds like you need to clean things up. Make sure to delete/recreate all phone presence devices in ST (it will unfortunately impact all your routines/automations, to be reprogrammed with the new presence devices). I hope this helps.

I am happy to report it has been working flawlessly with my wife’s iPhone 11 this whole week.

Thanks. Presence has been an issue since day one of owning ST. Seems like every time I finally get it working, ST updates something and it quits working.

Yes, I did have to fix all of my WebCore Pistons after deleting the phones. I would exclusively use the Classic app, but being that presence is not working, it makes no difference :cry: