Mobile Presence Automation Issue

Coming from Lowes IRIS and just getting set up on Smartthings. Using regular Smartthings hub, not the ADT version. I am using the new Samsung version of the Smartthings app (not the classic) on a Iphone 6 and Iphone XS Max. I have several automations set up and they are working fine such as outside lights coming on at dusk/off at sunrise; and automatically locking a door when a multi-purpose sensor closes. All is working fine there…but…I cannot figure out why the mobile presence automation is not working to change my HOME mode to Away. When the two Iphones leave the geofencing zone I have set up, I can see in the IDE devices tab that the Smartthings hub is seeing both phones leaving and arriving, BUT, no action is happening in the automation. I even deleted the automation and created a new one with just my phone instead of both of ours; still nothing. So my automation specifics are; IF my Iphone is not present (any selected), THEN change the HOME mode to away. I have no delay selected. This routine does not work at all and that’s my issue. I also set up an automation to turn the HOME mode back to disarm when my iphone gets back into the geofencing zone and that didn’t work either when I manually change my status to away. So I’m really stuck on why this particular automation is not working. Thanks for any suggestions…

I can’t specifically comment on the Connect app as I’m still using Classic. But generally speaking, there have been issues with presence detection in ST. Different things seem to work for different people.

I have geofencing set up in the Classic app. But I have intermittant issues with arrival sensing. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes it’s delayed. I solved my issue by coding a backup arrival sensor in IFTTT. I did that about a week ago, and so far my arrival detection has been flawless.

If you search for “presence detection” here, you’ll find many threads discussing the issues. Also, here is a FAQ:

Thanks Bryan - Coding a IFTTT scenario is through the WebCore thing I’ve been reading about?

No, webCore is something else. IFTTT (If this then that) is a web based and app based solution. You can code what you need either through a web browser or their phone app. It allows you to create applets that do things with ST.

IFTTT can’t directly address your ST mode, but it can address switches. So if you are looking to control your ST mode, create a virtual switch in ST that will set the mode you want to switch to, then in IFTTT, set it to turn that virtual switch on when your presence is detected. I have my ST virtual switch tied to a routine (Classic app), so that when the switch flips, several actions can occur.

First, we need to be clear whether you are talking about the “away“ which is part of the “location mode“ or the “away” which is part of the smart home monitor “security mode.“ These are actually two completely different things. ( in the classic app, “security mode“ was called “armed state.“) See the following:

In the classic app, you can use Geopresence to change both the location mode and the security mode.

In the new app, there is no way to automate the change in the security mode except by time of day. You cannot use Geopresence to arm or disarm smart home monitor in the new app.

Also, for those who are using both apps, smart home monitor in the classic app and smart home monitor in the new app or actually two completely separate features that just happened to have the same name. If you arm or disarm in the classic app it does not The smart home monitor settings that you can get to from the new app and vice a versa.

Your post mixes terms From location mode and security mode so I’m not exactly sure which one you were trying to describe.

I believe you can change the location mode with Geopresence in the new app, but that will not affect the security mode in the new app in any way. And you cannot change the security mode in the new app with Geopresence. :disappointed_relieved:

One more option since you are on iOS, HomeKit presence detections have been surprisingly consistent. I currently use the keyfob (from the kickstarter days) with a very solid Zigbee mesh and I have found HomeKit iOS presence detection to be on par. If you’re feeling a bit geek, want solid presence detection and Siri control of your devices, start reading around here…

Thank you Bryan. That’s helpful and I’ll look into that more.

JD - It’s the Armed (away) in the Security section of Smart Home Monitor that I want to activate. When I’m home, it’s in Disarmed, but when I go out, based on my mobile presence, I want it to switch to the above referenced armed (away) mode. I’m still figuring this all out and thank you for your input.

Sidjohn1 - thanks for providing that option suggestion.

The new version of the app does not allow you to change the smart home monitor “security mode” based on anything except time of day or manually toggling it in the app. You cannot change it based on presence.

You could in the classic app. But you can’t in the new one. It now matches the way security mode works for the ADT model hub, but they have applied that to all of the hub models.

You can write to support and tell them that you would like to see it changed, quite a few people have. But for now it’s just not an option. :disappointed_relieved: