Mobile Presence and iBeacon (discussion beginning 2015)

Awesome!!! Thank you

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And just to be clear, that method requires that the Beacon receiving station app be able to send an HTTP post. Not all of them can. So that’s the feature that you’re looking for or, of course, if the app description says it can work with IFTTT. :sunglasses:

Makes sense… There are a bunch in the play store like the one I referenced. I’m pretty sure some of them do

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Using IFTTT normaly gives me too much lag, does anyone have this working on android without lag?

How much lag is too much?

4+ seconds :slight_smile:

But we aren’t talking minutes here. The Arrival sensor has a delay on it of 2 minutes…so…every 2 minutes it searches to see if I am home. This means waiting in the driveway until ST sees the device and triggers to open the door. 4+ seconds isn’t bad

but if you want to use it to trigger stuff in house, 4 seconds can be too long in my opinion :slight_smile:

Maybe… Or maybe you could set it to switch on a group of things at once and then off and another group on… For example, not knowing your layout, let’s say you get to the door. Now this is a man speculating based on research on the web… First beacon we will call entry and fence it to eight steps away from the front door. Takes about 1/2 sec roughly in stride so 8 steps 4 secs roughly. So, that fence beacon then runs the door lock and hall light. The other fence is located in the living room and it pics up that you are in the hall. Once you enter the space of the living room you leave the space of the hall, that beacon is no longer picked up, turns that light off locks the door. And so on. So planning the groups of lights as you move through the house might help fix the 4 second problem. Remember that you can adjust the effective power of each beacon and that affects your fencing. So you could fire beacons in different sequences based on your location to other beacons.

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Thanks for the info @JDRoberts. Do you or anyone else here have a favourite iOS receiving station app doesHTTP Posts?


My personal favorite is Beecon+ from BeaconSandwich. Very nice app, lots of Home automation features, stellar support. Costs around $10, and I’ve been very happy with the purchase. :sunglasses:

It’s iOS-only, though.

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I’ve started following your guide @JDRoberts, thank you for the info, it has been a great help! I also went with Beecon+, very good app for this sort of thing. Now I just need to wire it up to the maker channel :slight_smile: Thanks again!

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OK soooooo…I am confused at the implementation of the webhook in the maker channel recipe.

I want to trigger an event correct?

What do I need to put into {event} of the URL? Or am I going about this wrong?

Do I put the url of the beacon into the event…or…do I put my maker channel url into the beacon? Again this begs the question what goes into the event?

Thanks for the help

Most commonly, the receiving station app that you use for your ibeacons will have a means of sending a Web request. The exact options will vary depending on which app you were using.

You can think of the event name in this scenario as just a tag that the receiving station app is sending to IFTTT. In most cases, it can be whatever you want. For example, I send one from the beecon+ app that says “ramp” which means the I beacon on the front door wheelchair ramp has been detected by the receiving station app on my phone.

This becomes the “if” in an IFTTT recipe/applet.

Then I can use whatever I want to as the “that,” including something in the SmartThings IFTTT service/channel.

So the “event” is just the identifying name you are using when you send a POST to the maker channel so IFTTT will know which applet to trigger.

So in the beacon’s http webhook you have your IFTTT http with “ramp” as the action within the url


It depends on the receiving station app you are using to create the webhook.

For Beecon+ , they have an IFTTT template, I just have to name it, everything else gets formatted for me.

Gotcha further study is needed lol

Thanks man

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Is anyone using Beecon+ on iPhone and got it working when iPhone is locked or the app is not open? It works perfectly fine when app/phone is open but as soon as i lock the phone nothing until i open it up. i have the “Allow monitor when the app is closed” option checked but it doesn’t seem to work. Im using a Radius MacBeacon on my mac if that could be a problem??

Mine works fine with estimote beacons and an iPhone 7. I would get in touch with the customer support at Beaconsandwich, I have found them really helpful. :sunglasses:

Thanks @JDRoberts. I did try to find their CS contact earlier but on their site they don’t have any details. What is their email address/community for support?