Mobile Phone Presence thinks I am at home when I am over 10 miles away

In the last coupe of days on my way to work (in London) I have received multiple push notifications saying my mobile phone has arrived at home, and left home back to back when I am over 10 miles away from home.

Thinking about this logically even if triangulation of mobile phone masts was used, or a train wifi connection, there should not be a case where Smartthings thinks I am at home when I am over 10 miles away.

Using a Mobile phone as a presence sensor can be a bit flakey. You will find numerous threads about this issue on the forum.
I have installed the free version of Life360 on our phones and installed the Life360 app.
This seems to be more reliable for us.
You might want to give this a try.

My mobile phone presence has also been acting up the last couple of days,
getting a platform update tonite (us). Will monitor and see if that clears
up the issue.

Don’t think it’s a platform update just a cloud update. We could be talking same thing but I take platform as the hub firmware.

Hi Bob,

OK, will try out life360. Using my phone as a presence sensor was working
fine. it has only been a couple of days that it went a bit crazy, but
still… It shouldn’t happen. The hub should be clever enough to know that
you can’t travel 10 miles in a couple of minutes…