Mobile App shows devices but nothing in IDE?

Hi All,

I am a returning Smartthings user from years ago before they got acquired by Samsung. I am setting up a new Aeotec hub via the mobile app and then added about 10 ZigBee switches and dimmers. Some of them did not register right (“Things”). So I went into the IDE and there is NOTHING in there. No hub, no devices, no nothing. Any idea why this would be the case?

are you logging in at

and logging in with your samsung account?

Yes. I double checked just to make sure. I have a gmail account that I use and no longer have a smartthings specific account. Everything is through Samsung now.

anything listed under locations in IDE?

To change what your application defaults to when you click run or i followed these steps, but when i try to run i get:“Error running app : my account access No target device found” Just find in your mobile Settings-> Developer Option-> USB debugging. Many androids will show as an unknown USB device and comes.

I’ve always experienced this with ide, so maybe it’s the same for you. As soon as you login, go to locations, then if your hub is listed, click the name. After that, click the hamburger menu button and select devices and they’ll be there. That’s how I have to do it every single time.

Not sure what happened but it was very weird. Maybe because it was an all new hub and I was adding devices quickly? It took about 24 hours or so and then all of a sudden the hub and devices started show up. Nothing else changed. Weird!