Mobile app not connecting to hub?

Anyone else having trouble with their mobile app not connecting to their hubs? I just noticed it about 20 mins ago when I was trying to “arm” SHM, and the little icon just kept spinning. I restarted the app, and now I can’t even login. It just keeps giving me the error “Internet connection issue, please try again.” Well my internet works fine, and I even rebooted the hub. Tried both the iOS and Android app.

Yes, there are definitely some issues going on currently.

I concur… My app will not connect either… But my hub is about to have a real close connection with a hammer!

I can still access all of my local devices via the app and echo. But the non local (hue bulbs) won’t even show up.

Edit again"
Echo does not have contact with my local devices… The app controls the locals, echo controls the not locals.

Known issue:

Is the hue hub showing up? This may not be related but my hue hub vanished and another user recommended I delete the hue hub in the IDE and then re-add it in the phone app. This fixed it for me. Didn’t have to fix any rules afterwards.

Actually, I don’t know if it’s there our not. The things tab just keeps spinning and I get the red banner on every single page change now.

I’m gonna wait a bit before I do anything

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Can’t log into my 2nd hub. Here’s what I get:

Please follow this thread for updates on the database changes.