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I would like to know if the IOS Smartthings mobile app by Physical Graph offers the following features. I am aware of other apps and services like IFTTT. I just need to know if the Smartthings mobile app offers these features. I would test myself but I’m unable to use the app until it is paired with a hub. Thx!

  1. Can the app turn lights on and off based on sunset and sunrise times?
  2. Can the app turn lights on and off at set times with a randomness or variation? The goal here is to have them come on at about the same time every night but not exactly the same time.
  3. Can the app trigger on multiple combined events such as turning off the lights when I leave the house between 5 and 6 AM only?
  1. Yes. This can be done either with Smart Lighting or a community developed app such as Rule Machine, however Sunset and Sunrise are typically busy times and don’t always trigger correctly.
  2. Yes. This is entirely possible, but I am not sure off the top of my head which SmartApps out there are capable of this as it isn’t a feature I use.
  3. Yes. As long as you either have a presence sensor or set up your phone as a presence sensor, it can detect when you leave and make things happen based on that (I recommend Rule Machine for this). You can even set this up so it only occurs on certain days of the week…or so that it only happens if both you and your wife are both gone. Many options here.

SmartThings is very capable, as long as you or someone else is willing to put in some work to create a custom SmartApp to do whatever you are wanting. The community is full of very feature-rich SmartApps like Rule Machine, as well as interfaces like SmartTiles that have been the result of many hundreds of hours of work.

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Thanks for the reply Brian. I googled “Rule Machine” and that opened up a whole new aspect of the Smartthings system I didn’t know existed. Now I’ve got something to do on this cold Saturday morning. :smile: