Mobile App doesn't reflect current status of devices

I’ve had this issue on both iOS and Android for quite a while.

If I have a switch in a room in the app and I press the toggle state button the actual physical switch turns on instantly but the app then animates a line around the toggle state button for a very long time. Eventually, the animation finishes and sometimes the switch will be visibly indicated as being on, other times not. For those times where the physical switch is on, but the app view for the room indicates it is off selecting that switch in the room and going into the details view DOES show the correct state of the switch.

This happens whether it’s a Z-Wave switch, a Lifewave RF light switch or a Hue light, the page for each room just doesn’t correctly reflect the state when you make changes within it.

I’ve uninstalled the app and reinstalled it on both iOS and Android but this hasn’t made any difference.


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I use an S10 and the same happens for me, it might get fixed one day

I usually use the home remote app for control, it’s fast and reflects state without issue

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I have the exact same issue (I have ZEN27 Zooz switches).

The light has long turned on, but SmartThings takes ages to reflect that in the app.

Does Samsung consider it a bug or another folly in the long line of mistakes pushing a cloud-first, results-last smart home? The lengthy latency is hard to believe for something as rudimentary as an app knowing whether the light is on or off.

My Hue lights + Hue App have no such delay: instant change, instant app update. On or off, color or brightness.


To have some 2 way communication with ST and users would be beneficial to everyone, acknowledgements of issues, intended actions would alleviate a whole host of woes

Such is the legacy of a company that echoes old Microsoft