Mobile App Confusing

i find the mobile app confusing. here is why i’m confused. i go to my home and select things and select my device. i slide to smartapps and it doesn’t have any smartapps installed. and i can’t install smartapps from there either. however, if i go to my home and select the menu icon at the top right, it displays a different window showing my location; hub status, notifications, smartapps. if i select smartapps there, i see a couple of smartapps that i configured.

why are the smartapps there but not when i select my device?

In my experience you should see the configured smart app. However only if that smart app configuration includes the selected device. Is that the case here?

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no the smartapp doesn’t include my device. the smartapp only includes other senors (garage doors), monitors (water leak).

the smart lighting app doesn’t have a place to select a device.

Ok, so one question down. If you select a device that is not a part of the smart apps configuration you won’t see that app listed there.

Now on to the second part. Select the Smartlighting app from the hub page as you mentioned and it will take you into the configuration page for that app. In these pages you can select what devices it should turn on and define when.

yes, i’m able to configure when lights go on and off using the smart lighting app. the smart lighting app appears when i select the smartapps under the hub page (as you mentioned).

i have a different question about that. now that the smartapp is configured, how is it enabled? is it enabled because i installed it? that wouldn’t make sense. i may not want it enabled all the time.

Once you finish configuring the app and touch “done” you should get a drop down message at the top of the screen that the app is automating.

Now in so far as you might only want the app to run under certain circumstances is perhaps another layer of configuration within that app or more. Depends on what you have in mind.

What have you configured the app to do so far and how is it you want to modify that?

I agree with your points, and posted this a while back: iOS Information Architecture Exploration

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i have lights turning on and off at certain times when a certain mode is set. i have a couple of smartapps installed that will probably conflict. i have the vacation light director and the smart lighting apps installed. my guess is that they will conflict with each other.

i would like to be able to enable and disable the smart app without having to uninstall the app. is that possible?

I have not used vacation light director so not familiar with it. However, is it possible you could make the house modes exclusive? In other words vacation lighting director runs with house mode is X and Smartlighting runs only when house mode is Y.

I know in Smartlighting you can exclude certain house modes. Just exclude all the modes except the one you would like it to run under and hopefully the same criteria exists for vacation lighting director. That should resolve your conflict issue.

yes, that would solve the issue. picking a different mode. right now there are only 3 modes. away, home, night. is there a way to create a new mode? i could create a new mode and use it for one of the lighting smartapps. or are we stuck with those 3 modes?

No you can create additional modes within the app. Click on the menu in the top right had corner That will show you the screen with location name, ccurrent mode, notifications, etc. Click on the hamburger in the top right hand corner, That gives you the screen to define the location and name the home. Scroll down on that screen and you will see a place to add additional modes.

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