Mobile app authorization levels for multiple users (teenagers!)

Nothing official. Many community members use the very popular third-party app, smart tiles, which is a customizable dashboard that runs in any web browser, so it works on most smart phones. Common uses are when you don’t want one kid to be able to turn off the lights in another kid’s room, for housemates that you don’t want to give admin level access to, etc.

There’s a very popular thread in the community just on ideas for hardware or color customization for the dashboard:

If you also need presence detection, there are two popular options: the life 360 app which has an official integration

,or the smartthings arrival sensor, which is a key fob device and is popular for small kids or other people who may not have a smart phone. Unfortunately, the arrival sensor is subject to interference from Wi-Fi, so it will work great at some houses and not at all at others. You just have to try that one and see.

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