Mitchpond Centralite keypad temperature offset problem

Today I was going around the house calibrating all my temperature capable sensors. I ran into a problem with the Centralite Keypad (IRIS). When I went to adjust the temperature offset, only + values are available. The usual + - option was missing. My Github version is up to date. What am I missing? Here is the code copied from the DTH. If you go down about 16 lines you will see only +offset but no - offset.

private getTemperature(value) {
def celcius = Integer.parseInt(value, 16).shortValue() / 100
if(getTemperatureScale() == “C”){
return celcius
} else {
return celsiusToFahrenheit(celcius) as Integer

private Map getTemperatureResult(value) {
log.debug 'TEMP’
def linkText = getLinkText(device)
if (tempOffset) {
def offset = tempOffset as int
def v = value as int
value = v + offset
def descriptionText = "${linkText} was ${value}°${temperatureScale}"
return [
name: ‘temperature’,
value: value,
descriptionText: descriptionText

You’ll get the quickest answer if you ask a question in the author thread where you got the code. The author will be automatically notified when your post is added to the thread and other people who are using the same code will also see it and maybe able to help you.

In this case

So post your question there and you should get the quickest answer. :sunglasses:

Thanks why didn’t I think of that.:zipper_mouth_face:

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