Missing tile

Take a screenshot of the contents of the device when you edit it in IDE so I can take a look

I was able to edit and rename, also gives me the option to change – here I saw it was set to “samsung tv” - obviously in correct. I have now made it just an on/off button. Does not allow me to control the device, but did allow me to save the name/label/and type, so thats progress. Any ideas what profile might be “close enough” to this orbit single station hose timer? Thank you for pointing me in this direction, very helpful!!
50 PM|471x499

Need the make and model of the device.

The screenshot that got attached is not accessible or whatever that 50pm… thing is.

I think I fixed my issue by going to devices then at bottom hit edit then
changed the type to device and saved then deleting worked. But that’s a
vague memory…

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Thanks for all your help. Can tell me to piss off anytime :slight_smile: This is the model: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Orbit-Iris-Hose-Faucet-Water-Timer-Works-With-Iris/50140356

sorry about the screenshot, just uploaded the screenshot using file upload - is there another way to do it? It is a png file. Thank you again for your help and time

So this article discusses the 12 station. It may help you out. There is a customer device handler that was created for this further down the thread.

Hope it works out for ya.

No, that’s the correct way to do it. It may have not completely uploaded before you sent it. See my post above

From what I have read about these timers in different threads is that they don’t work, they break after a few days, they stay on flooding things, lol.

I don’t have one so I can’t say, but I would do a lot of searching in the community for both the Iris and Orbit sprinkler timers

Many thanks - will work on it from here. Kindest regards

That’s what I was heading for to get him to be able to remove the rogue device, but in his case, he wants to actually use the device and associate to a valid device handler for that device.

Glad that resolved your issue as well :slight_smile:

And maybe if @dcabot25 who I was initially trying to help reads this, he will follow the instructions above to view his device from IDE and modify it and be able to delete it.

And just as an FYI, now that you have figured out how to get into IDE, this is where you have the ability to add Custom Smart Apps and Device Handlers created by developers in the community. Things that you didn’t know you could do just by looking at SmartThings from the outside. :slight_smile:

Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I was busy during the holidays. I recently found a way to delete the rogue device via my Samsung phone. I’m good now. Thanks!