Missing the bus app

(Elijah) #1

I searched around the forums however didnt really see what I was looking for or how i might go about creating such an event… what I would like to do is have an app for a presence sensor that notifies me if it has not departed by a scheduled time, like if my teen oversleeps (like he did today)

(Tim Slagle) #2

You’d have to write something for this i think. Is this something you can do? If not i can take a crack at it.

(Brian) #3

I built this to notify when you should leave for work based on traffic. Using a bus schedule API I’m sure you could tweak it to do what you want.

(Elijah) #4

tslagle13 - ok I may take a stab at writing my 1st SmartApp & see what I come up with.

docwisdom.- thats a good idea, However there is no bus API for our rural route & more often then not the teen carpools. Also it is more for us to know he has left & in a timely manner.

Thinking I can check for the presence sensor, only during certain days/time period, then if present send notification to parent