Missing switch.on event after turning on Hue light via wall switch

I have an app that automatically dims the light when it is turned on during the night.
This works great If I turn the light on using SmartThings/Hue apps but I do not get a switch.on event when I manually switch on the light via the wall switch (this is a regular switch and not zwave/zigbee).

Now I understand that switching the light off and on at the wall switch breaks the connection with Hue but I would have expected that when Hue, and therefore SmartThings, detects the light is connected again and switched on that it would raise the switch.on event.

Do I understand this correctly?

I’ve just discovered that it does work as long as the SmartThings status is off when you manually turn on the wall switch. This makes sense. If the SmartThings status is off and you manually turn on the wall switch you will get a switch.on event. Great.

However if the SmartThings status is on, with a dimmed level of anything other than 100%, and when you manually turn off and on the wall switch you will not get a switch.level event even though SmartThings detects that Hue has increased the dimmed level to 100%. This seems to be a bug to me.

Can someone from SmartThings please comment? Thanks.

Smartthing staff don’t necessarily read all the posts in the forum right away. They do get read eventually by moderators but it can take a while.

When you need help from developer support staff, the best thing is to tag them directly in your post:

@slagle @jody.albritton

When it comes to details of how the platform works, they may not know the answer themselves, but they are the ones who can find out for you. :sunglasses:

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Thank you. That’s good to know.

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