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While i do agree with you, the part that gets me is that Fibaro and Smartthings are OFFICIAL partners. They should make their products work with platform despite being or not being their fault.

As long as there are some models that work, it seems OK to me.

Aeotec is taking a new approach now that they have taken over sales and service of the hub.

They have a page on their site which lists the specific models which are “certified to work with smartthings.”

There are quite a few Fibaro Devices listed there, but not all. For example, the motion sensor is listed, but the smart implant is not. Model numbers are given.

That seems sufficient to me, although I know other people may feel differently.


Smartthings , Samsung smartthings and Fibaro have never provided official support for there RGBW controlers

Smartthings and Samsung smartthings classic had a 3rd party stable, full featured integration, alot of people built expensive lighting systems around this pairing, no one knew Samsung Smartthings new versions and back end would destroy the pairing without recourse

Let’s not forget the Smartthings promise of app feature parity when we were forced to upgrade

The original developer of the 3rd party integration was no longer available and Samsung themselves removed the ability to create a like for like upgrade of the 3rd party integration by anyone

Samsung and Fibaro have shown scant regard for customers in multiple ways, my comments stand, Fibaro should be avoided at all costs for there lack of integration with Smartthings, Samsung Smartthings has never provided app feature parity despite promises and has never offered to fix broken integrations which trusting users have used


I am with you Mike!

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Who shall not be named with the Hub which shall not be named.

Some posts and topics start to be like a classified CIA report here. Just blanked out text… :laughing:

UK privacy laws. “ The right to be forgotten.“


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I know, I know. I guess that’s going to be happen when they reach retirement as well. It will be forgotten what have they worked during the past 40 years and how much pension contributions have made. :wink:

Actually GDPR does not apply to the UK anymore. It is their own rule now as they are not part of the EU.

@fido, that is the Lounge area on this forum.

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I know, but my understanding was that they had passed a similar law after Brexit.

I’m in the UK and trust me, no one knows or really cares

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I believe so. But at that time, when Who shall not be named asked for the removal of the posts, it was still GDPR the applicable law. And as @fido said. Nobody knows. I am working now with people from the UK and they have no clue about a lot of things how do they work or will work. The chaos is extreme, and nobody has any doubts about that.

Effectively, yes. I believe it is all dealt with using Statutory Instruments. If you really want to you can see how similar the UK and EU GDPR are (PDF).

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You boys MUST be bored !

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I thought I had my shopping list sorted and was going to purchase tomorrow!

I was planning:
Downlight: EN-DLM981X + EN-BZ91MW
Dimmable bulbs: EN-DGU005
Fibaro Dimmer 2 module
Lighting switch: Retrotouch 00219
SmartThings hub

Many of you are saying to avoid Fibaro with SmartThings. Do you have an alternative option I should go for ?
Any of the above can be changed

It depends on your location to what is available, my inset ceiling lights are not smart, I need them to work when they are needed, I just would not trust them to any smart integration, we use side table lights with WiFi rgbw lamps that use cloud integration with ST which I will say has always been solid

So really I cannot comment on a dimmer, have you looked in the add device section of the ST app and looked in the dimmer section, you may find something in there that you are familiar with and fits your needs

If and when JD feels up to it, I have no doubt he will have much more usefull information on the subject

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For the present, I’ve stopped making recommendations on smartthings setups, because I’m just too far out of the loop. :sleeping:

@vp143 , I suggest you start a new thread under projects and title it “First lighting project with SmartThings (UK)” and put your post there and I’m sure you’ll get lots of feedback and suggestions. :sunglasses:

(Make sure you put UK in the topic title or you’ll get a bunch of suggestions for US devices that you won’t be able to use. )

Good luck!

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Respectfully disagree with out of touch, you knowledge is unrivaled JD but it is your perogative.


Something must also be said about the current state of Smartthings and my apologies if you are already aware and a user

Smartthings was/is a user friendly Home automation system, it has many plus points and many minus points

Presently Smartthings is undergoing yet more changes and to that end what works today may not tomorrow, users experienced and new are struggling to keep up and understand Smartthings changes so be aware the Smartthings platform is very much like shifting sands


Sure as you are using Fibaro, i suppose you are in europe. Give the sonoff zigbee mini a look (which is the equivalent of the single switch) As for the dimmer you can buy the Aeotec or Qubino dimmers. I have not used either of them though.

If memory serves, he who shall not be named was less worried about the right to be forgotten, more disenfranchised by Smartthings constant ability to break things and the reduction of features like SMS in the UK.
He publicly posted that ‘ST are a bunch of C***S’ and got a short ban, when he came back he was not happy at all.
His decision to have all 15,000+ of his posts deleted from this forum was his way of giving two fingers to ST. In the end it only effected us users and left lots of holes everywhere.