Missing logs when GE 12722 switched manually?

I have several of the GE 12722 switches installed and an ST hub. I also have an Amazon Echo. I can control the switches manually (by pushing the buttons) and control them via voice control from the Echo. That much works beautifully.

I tried to set up an IFTTT recipe using the change of the switch state as the trigger.

When I manually change the switch, the IFTTT recipe does not trigger (and I don’t see anything in the “Live Logging” panel on the SmartThings IDE).

When I use the Echo to change the switch state, I see the logs in Live Logging, and the IFTTT recipe fires correctly.

Am I missing something? Does the ST “cloud” not receive events if the switch is pressed manually?

The GE switches don’t do instant reporting so it will take a bit longer for smartthings to notice that they’ve been pressed. It should eventually notice the state change and react accordingly, though.