Missing devices - where are my switches, they are gone


Last year I added a 3 z-wave switches within my house and my garage. I had a total of 40 devices at this point in time. Everything was working fine, no problems. The switches were added to some automation and everything worked fine for some time.

Now, last week after a winter storm we had a short power outage. I lasted just a few minutes.

A day later I recognized that 3 of my smart switches (1 in my house, 2 in the garage) are completely missing. It’s like they never existed.
I tried to add them again, without success. I tried to reset them. Nothing.

Any ideas, how can I get my switches back?
What can I do to add them?

I between I added a new device (smoke detector), so the adding still works. (but not for these three devices.

All 3 switches are:
GE Z-Wave Plus Wireless Smart Lighting Control Smart Toggle Switch, On/Off, In-Wall, 14292

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Did you do a Zwave repair?

Yes I did. No success.
The 3 switches are gone from the list.

The exact same thing just happened to me – power outage, and now one of my kitchen lights is gone. This isn’t a situation where the device is on the list be unresponsive – it’s just completely gone from the inventory.