MIssing Devices in Automations

When I go to create a new Automation. Select Device status. I have several devices missing. I’m on ios latest update. If I got to my wifes smarthings app on her phone she can see all devices without issue. She did not do the latest smarthings app update on her phone. Any idea what’s going on or how to see all devices on my phone when trying to setup an automation.

sometimes, if you back out of device status section while in the automation and then go back to it… the device list will have time to load more devices when you go back that second time.

Im having the exact same issue. Updated the app on my iPhone the other day now most of my devices are not available for automations. I know they are missing and not just able to be used since I have existing automations set up that contain devices that are no longer in the list if I start creating a new automation.

Update: I just checked my iPad and adding devices is not even an option. At least on my iPhone it lists a few lights available to use. On my iPad, nothing.