Missing device in new app (Greenwave Powernode One)

My classic app has never had problems with Greenwave zwave plugs. After migration the device is no longer visible in the new app

The plug itself has an automation from the classic app attached to it and if i search lighting automations in the new app and select to change the device the plug is visible but within the devices list in the new app it is not there

In the echo app using the new smattthings integration, the plug shows up and functions but shows connected via 0099-0002-0002 description smartthings

Any ideas why the zwave plug fails to show in the new app

As i use the terrible new Ui i seem to building a list of things that are not correct, i feel the list will get longer

Fibaro RGBWw controler
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Incorrect colour rendering using new app

Greenwave zwave plugs x 6
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Samsung 6 series Tv
lost ON control when off

What specific model?

If it’s one that relied on child devices, that’s a known issue right now with multiple brands/models being affected.

Im not sure exactly JD, the plugs i use do not have child devices that i am aware off tbh

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Here you go JD, they are the single node models NS-210-G-EN (UK model)

Found here

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Ok, for that one it’s probably the energy monitoring feature that’s causing the issue. What DTH are you using?

IDE time… 2 seconds

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Codersaur DTH JD, i have also noticed the devices fingerprint in the IDE is what is shown in the echo app

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Ok, try changing the DTH to “zwave metering Switch” and see if it shows up then.

If it does, try switching it back to the codesaur DTH and see if that helps.

Thank you JD, it is now visible in the new app, a large part of the original device Ui is missing but… it is now useable

Should i hold my breath for full functionality or do you feel it will be just another casualty in the migration mess

Are you getting partial usability with the stock DTH or with the Codesaur DTH?

If it’s with codesaur DTH, you would need to contact that author, either through a forum thread here or through the github repository. Basically wherever you got the code.

If you are missing functionality with the stock DTH, you should submit that as a bug to support. Make sure you say that you are using the Samsung provided DTH, not custom code.

Using stock DTH gives only energy consumption and power meter

The same when using codersaur DTH now it shows up

As far as i am aware Codersaur is no longer active on the forum

Classic app full options vs new app

Someone will have to update the DTH, then. I don’t know what all is possible.

Its the same for the Fibaro RGBWw JD. The DTH was again by codersaur which exposed all the options available

The migration of the device and available current Ui restrictions really restrict the devices capabilities , this really has me worried, i put a lot of effort into the devices installation including attached LED strips and profiled external tracks, to loose complete control is extremely worrying

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Based on reports in the forum, the Fibaro issues are a little bit different, but again, it would need a new DTH.