Missing 10% badge

(Adam Outler) #1

I was awarded the 10% poster badge, then the 25%. I’m missing the 10% badge now and I only have the 25%.

Why did this happen?


It’s probably 10% for the hour. :smile:

(Adam Outler) #3

There we go. I got it back again.

(Benji) #4

I believe it’s done as an overall calculation of the current number of posts. That means you can earn 5/10/25% poster etc, but lose them again if you don’t post anything for a while after that and everyone catches up.

I don’t think you can get them all at the same time either, once you get the 10, you lose the 5, etc.


What an issue!:joy:

(Adam Outler) #6

I didn’t realize badges were dynamic. I was trying to collect 'em all.

(Brian) #7

Been there done that realise I had to read a whole lot of crap to earn badges. Now I just drop in and out occasionaly