Minoston Outlet won't use Edge driver

I have a MInoston MP21Z that doesn’t want to use the edge driver. It always gets set up with the “Min Smart Plug” groovy driver.

IDE shows fingerprint as
zw:Ls2a type:1000 mfr:0312 prod:FF00 model:FF0C ver:1.00 zwv:7.16 lib:03 cc:5E,55,9F,6C sec:86,25,70,85,8E,59,72,5A,87,73,7A

I don’t see the model FF0C in the table Table of Edge Drivers - Things That Are Smart Wiki, so maybe that’s why?

With such a simple on/off switch device, is there a way I can manually force it to use another edge driver? Just trying to future-proof my network before IDE etc goes away soon. Almost everything else is running edge drivers by now, this is a hold-out

were you using any custom device handlers for it? if you were… you would need to remove them in IDE before they will get the Edge Driver.

Thanks - no, I had previously cleared out the 2 custom device handlers I had experimented with years ago. Are there any good debugging tools out there to investigate a situation like this?

It doesn’t look as if the Min Smart Plug DTH has been converted to Edge yet.

I have these same outlets, what information do we need to post to request drivers?

You shouldn’t need to do anything as the Min Smart Plug is a SmartThings administered DTH and so the functionality should be added to an Edge driver unless they have explicitly said otherwise. The job hasn’t been completed yet.

I just bought same plug and it showing as min smart plug? Should i return it or it will move to edge?