Minoston - MP22ZP - Energy Monitor - No Metering

I purchased the Amazon cheapo Minoston Energy Metering Z Wave Outdoor Outlet so I could control and inspect the kwh of my Clark Griswald’esque lights.

First - It added super easy. Picked it up as a Zwave Device. Just showed on / off
Next - Tried switching things around in IDE and got some metering functions as a Zwave Metering Device but wasn’t very responsive.

I now decided to actually read the box and it says it may require a custom device handler for SmartThings. Well, here’s the start of the major problem. No more DHs right?

Email their support, they FINALLY get back and give me a link to an edge drive channel. Below is the link to the edge driver but forum hyperlinks as this:

SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things..

I follow it and… the only somewhat applicable driver is for a switch. I delete the device and re add it so it can pick up the Edge driver. Guess what? Back to the very beginning with just On / Off functionality… but now it’s worse since it’s CLOUD.

Does anyone have suggestions or linking to a better edge driver applicable for this device? I’ve seen Minoston brought up before but not for this model.

Thanks all.

If you are using an Edge Driver (placeholder in IDE) it has local exacution. The IDE doesn’t work properly with Edge Drivers and will be shut down in a few weeks.