Minoston 4 button remote issue

I have a Minoston 4 button remote for a ceiling fan. The fan has a built in remote, so I have a Bond Bridge. One problem is the light on the fan remote is just a single button that toggles it on or off.

In the meantime, the remote setup shows 5 buttons, Main button, then buttons 1-4. I did read somewhere that this might happen, and you can just ignore the extra button. But in setting it up, I found that Main button also works button 1.

Here’s where the problems come together. If I set up button 1 under Main button, it toggles the light properly. However, If I use Button 1 under setup, it double toggles. So the light comes on, then back off. When I look at the device history, it’s showing that I single pushed the button two times. Not double click. Two single click commands. But when I have it run actions in the set up, it works as it should, and it’s working fine from the app.

If the fan had separate on and off buttons for the light, it wouldn’t be an issue since it would be just double issuing one command or the other, but being that it toggles, that doesn’t work.