"minimum time away" upon arrivial-2 hubs-different smart apps

I have two V1 hubs-NJ and Florida. The Florida hub allows me to set a minimum time away to unlock door upon arrival. The NJ hub does not have the smart app for minimum time away-see the two screen shots-how can this be? How do I get this on my NJ hub? See screenshots

I think you are using two different SmartApps.


Ron- exactly! But the reason is that the smart apps differ on the 2 hubs.

Access the [IDE][1], goto My Locations, select the location that you want to duplicate (i.e., the one on the right in your screenshot), and then select List Devices.Now tap the device in question. Near the bottom of the screen is a section labeled, “In Use By” - that will identify the smartapp or Routine, which you can then search for in the Marketplace in the mobile app, for installation to your other hub.

Edit: Just noticed that the IDE still uses the old label, “Phrase,” but those are now referred to in the mobile app as Routines.
[1]: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/login/auth

Bob- thanks for trying to help me. I did what you suggested- the smart app is labeled as “someone arrives”. I went to the marketplace on the hub I want to add this too and it doesn’t exist. Any other suggestions?

One more point- it seems that “someone arrives” was grandfathered with the smartthings app update on my Fl hub. It was not on my NJ hub before the app update and maybe this is a factor.

Check My Locations > List SmartApps. Do you see it there under “I’m Back!” or perhaps some other similar name? If so, that’s a Routine, and you can just deconfigure the Smartapp you’re currently using at the other location and replace it with a Routine.

Bob- are you saying that if I do that I will now be able have “minimum time away” before the door would unlock upon arrival? Just to clarify- although the words are different I do have “door unlock” when I arrive at my NJ hub. I want to add the minimum time away which doesn’t exist for that hub

Here are the two screenshots:

Not quite. Minimum Time Away is a condition that can be set for presence sensors and is found at the bottom of the page where you define which presence detectors (in the mobile app). It doesn’t define the minimum time before the door will unlock, but rather, how long it had to be in “locked” state before it will consider executing the “unlock” rule…

I had trouble with this in the beginning when my wife and I had presence attached to our phones and we went out together walking the dogs. Our route would take us to the edge of the geofence, and when I checked activity logs later, found we were locking/unlocking/relocking in rapid succession… until I added a large enough “Minimum Away Time.”

Just saw your screenshots…
“Unlock Front Door” is just a friendly name yougave it. It doesn’t tell us whether it’s a smartapp or a Routine, but a Routine will definitely do what you want, and offer the option for minimum away.

Bob- thank you SO much! I created a new “routine” and was able to get the minimum time! I’m a lay person with this stuff and have dealt with two techs at smartthings for a month without resolution- you helped me with a couple of emails. One thing for sure- the process differed on my 2 hubs. Thanks again!

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You’re welcome, and thanks for circling back with your success story!