Minimum requirements for an Android phone to run ST?

Does anyone know what the minimum Android software version is needed to run the new app? Now that I cant manage two accounts with the same Samsung phone I need to buy another cheap phone. I’m running Ver 8

I am running ST on devices with Android 7 and 9. So Android 8 is not the problem.
I you have a Samsung device try downloading ST from Samsung’s Galaxy store.

Sorry you misunderstood me. On the classic app I used to be able to manage to Hubs two locations. On the new app you can’t do that without signing out of your Samsung account on your phone. So I’m looking for a second phone a cheap one minimum requirements to manage second location

I believe the base requirement is Android 7, though Android 8 is probably a more sensible minimum, and the 2Gb memory requirement still holds.

if the same samsung account has access to both locations, you can do this in the new app.

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Thanks orangebucket Ill look for a used phone with android 8
prjct92eh2 I have two accounts (two email addresses) not one account with two locations. The new app does not let you interact with two accounts. That’s a con for the new app.
Old one worked a lot better in my opinion

why not just invite one account to the other? That way you can see both from one Samsung account.

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Jimmy is on the right path here. In the members section of your app from location one invite your other account and vice versa.

You will be able to manage both locations in the same app from either login.

Ans as to the system requirements its more a minimum memory issue not minimum Android version. There’s a lot of new ‘budget’ phones - even Samsung branded that dont make the cut.

Ok, I finally got around to send an invite and the other account accepted. Can’t figure out how to see devices from the invited person

You switch locations from the upper left hamburger menu

If I go under members they are both there. If I hit the down arrow beside my location there are no other locations. Do I have to add a location as well

It took a little while for them to show up
I don’t know what tech support couldn’t have told me this