Minimote v1 vs v2 - which?

(John) #1

The subject says it all…I’m in the market for a few minimotes but have no idea what the difference is between v1 and v2.

I’ve read that v1 can be upgraded to the same functionality as v2 and considering it’s $20 vs $45, I’m totally down for that! I just want to make sure I don’t need v2 in order to utilize it with Smartthings or if V1 lacks something…


Minimote question
(Jason) #2

What you’ve read is correct. After updating the firmware of the v1 minimote(which is really easy directions are on aeotecs site) the only remaining difference is the labeling of buttons.

(Mark Whipp) #3

I have 5 of the v1 minimotes working on ST v2 Hub with no problems. I started with one and bought another every time the price dropped, now $19.99. The only difference is the numbers on the buttons. Hurry before they blow the old ones out.

I have updated the firmware on all with the cable provided, very easy.

(Benji) #4

After updating the firmware, it’s merely a difference of stickers on the buttons, that’s it.

(Dave N) #5

Yes 1/3 the price of the V2 and comes with numbered buttons! That was the first thing I put on my V2 when I bought it :frowning:
Just bought a 3 pack of V1’s for the same price as one V2, Hmmmm.


Is there a changelog from v18 to v19 posted anywhere (and if so can you link it here)? I’ve been trying to figure out what the firmware changes are and I really can’t seem to find anything. Thanks

(Benji) #7

I’m afraid not.


So I have to ask - why do people bother with unknown firmware updates? Perhaps there are specific known issues that are fixed in 19 (which is a subset of “all the changes” of course).