Minimote question

Looking to get a Minimote, hoping to use it to set and disarm SHM. I’ve been looking for a capabilities comparison of the first gen minimote to the current iteration. Can someone link it, if they know where to find one?

There are a couple threads here comparing them. If you upgrade the firmware the only difference is the stickers on the buttons. I have v1 with upgraded firmware


I have one V2 for 60.00 :frowning: Ordered a 3 pack of V1’s for 60.00 and they work just great.
Ironically I had to label the NEW version buttons with 1,2,3,4 and the old ones already come nicely labelled.


In addition to Greg’s excellent answer, one of the biggest differences is that the V2 also comes in black. The v1 is only available in white.

I like the black one, but I wouldn’t pay an extra $25 to get it. :wink:

Zwave products often has bundle prices of three or five v1 minimotes which are a good deal.