Minimote for $13.99

Ritz Camera has Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-WAVE Minimote for $13.99 w/ promotional code AEOTEC26OFF. Shipping is free.


Thanks! Snagged one.

Good info … thanks! Picked up another one as well.

Good find - thank you!

Picked up 4 of these when Ritz had them on sale last month for $14.99. Do I need more of them? Hmm…

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You know your gonna need more to operate Holiday light scenes.

Thanks!!! Grabbed one too.

Thanks, picked up 3 myself!

Thanks!! Just picked one up!

Screw it, in for 2 more.

Just a reminder for anyone out there placing orders to go through the TopCashBack portal to save another $0.55 on each one. It’s not a lot but who wouldn’t take an free $0.55 for a couple extra clicks?

I’ve been trying to convince myself to buy one but keep thinking my Alexa fits most cases where I would use one. I think they are used for more than just controlling things though right? Pairing devices not through the hub and excluding from network? Basically looking for some good uses so rationalize buying one. . . other than the rational that they are a good deal. Suggestions?

Just got two! And used TopCashBack! Such a great deal! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the heads up. I currently have 2 of these and love them. Not sure what I will use these for but I ordered 2 more. Can’t pass up a bargain with free shipping when I don’t even have to get dressed to buy them. LOL


My buddy laughed at me for using these site to save 50 cents here and there. (We buy most our stuff online.)
I just made my 1st withdrawal from Topcashback. They added an extra 6% on for taking it on a Amex gift card bringing the total to just over $600. Guess who’s laughing now.

It adds up quickly!

Now I have proof that I don’t have a problem.

$23K in rebates that’s an incredible savings. That’s almost $400K in purchases. I don’t think I’ve spent that much online in my entire life.

I purchased two of these and really have no need for the second.
If anyone is interested. $14 + actual shipping cost (USPS first class should be about $3)