Minimote doesn't respond to first button press

I’ve got one odd issue since I’ve switched to the v2 hub. When my minimote sits for a while (an hour or two at least), the first time I press a button, nothing happens. Logging in the app and IDE shows that the button was pressed, but the SmartLighting App doesn’t respond to it. A second press always works. (Both the minimote and the smart lighting apps are running locally.)

It’s not a huge issue, just curious if anyone else was seeing this / had a fix / etc. If not, I’ll probably contact support, but I can’t imagine it’s gonna be a high priority issue with all the other stuff happening right now.

I had that issue at one point. I uninstalled the SmartApp, (Button Controller). And then unpaired and rejoined the device to the network. Has been working ever since.

I had a similar issue where my button one didn’t work at all until I reset the minimote and then repaired it while I was standing right next to my hub. After that, it’s been working great.

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I’m having exxactly the same problem using the Smart Lighting app with my Minimote. Has anyone figured out what’s causing it?

No, I just assume on the 2 of 5 remotes I have this issue with its something to do with it waking up. Its very intermittent for sure. resetting the smart apps, etc has limited success it seems, so imagine the full redo of the device is needed but am not bothered enough to spend that time.

If you have a version 1 minimote, make sure you have upgraded the firmware.

You might also try using a different app such as Button Controller +

Or Rule Machine for even more flexibility.

I use these with my minimote with no problems.

You’re most likely using it with the SmartLighting SmartApp. It’s an issue with the way the app deals with the status of the lights. When you have to do an extra press it’s because something else, other than the minimote put whatever it is into a different state than the SmartApp did last.

Hope that helps!

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I switched to a modified button controller app. It doesn’t have that issue. Thanks for the info.

same issue here with 3 of them… but I deal with it because smartlighting runs locally…

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Button Controller + ???