MiniMote and Button Controller Problem

I received my MiniMote today and I wasn’t planning on using it to control anything. I was planning to use it to include devices. But being the inquisitive type I installed the standard Button Controller from the Market Place. The button on the MiniMote when programed work as told. The lights go on and off. And now arises the problem. The states of the lights don’t change within the SmartThings app. Is this a known problem? Is there a better controller app other than CoRE?

What type of lights? (what brand of Switches??). If Hue… Direct or via Bridge?

Does SmartThings update immediately when SmartTiles is used?

Well I am using two different types of switches. WeMo in wall and GE Z-Wave. The problem is with the Button App, and I will tell you why. I installed the enhanced Button Controller and status works perfectly. This is the app, much better and handles 8 buttons.

Huge difference between WeMo and Z-Wave based switches.

But regarding the different SmartApps… If both SmartAppd call the same standard DTH on() and off() Commands, they should have the exact same effects.

I would think so, but alas the second works and the first doesn’t. So since I am going to purchase the Enerwave Controller I will keep the one that works.

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